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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  November 22, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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>> find out why chef at local bakery got her attention. >> and fresh new look? there is new longer lasting way to reduce wrinkles >> get i'll get steve. steve! hello. hehe sorry. we're doing a tea party. we have cookies and raspberries. awesome. what's the first thing to do at a tea party? do the tea. okay. i can do that. put it in your cup. ladies first. thank you.
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men with skirts second. introducing cisco umi, together we are the human network. cisco. love you guys. >> good evening. right now wet and frosty weather moving into the bay area. it is already freezing the sierra cal-trans camera at truckee shows car pulled over on 80 to deal with tire chains which are required in that area tonight. >> and look at the snow piledú on highway 50 in myers. no chain requirements there tonight but the storm that is on its way now 0could certainly change things and extremely cold. >> sandy is here. you are talking about below freezing temperatures. >> that's right. that's coming tuesday night in wednesday morning but you saw from that live shot that we have some slick roadways
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tomorrow morning you are going to be facing a slick commute. look at live doppler 7 hd and you will see where it is raining right now. santa rosa picked up 3 hundredths of an inch of rain in the last hour. you can see some of the heavy returns showing up between calistoga and saint helena area. in the yellow here as we take you around here very moderate to light rainfall across some other part of the bay area around napa we see some moderate rain around 29. also hercules, benecia light showers and pan around to other parts of the bay area and we see some very light showers here and san francisco reporting wet pavement. winter weather advisory is in effect from tu at 4 a.m. through 2:00 p.m. snow showers are possible here in the bay area above 2000 feet and then the chill will follow. we are talking about a freeze watch. goes into effect tomorrow night continues until wednesday morning. temperatures dropping into the mid 20's to low 30's range.i'll be back
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with a full look at the chilly low that are coming and we have the accu-weather 7 day forecast which includes a dry thanksgiving. >> great thanks sandy. >> oakland took a step closer to becoming the first city in the nation to cultivate whole sale medical mayor what is your profession. potential farmer showed up at city hall want assurance that their vehement will be protected from federal drug agents. allen is live in oakland with the story for us. allen? >>reporter: the 4 selected pot farmers have to pay a permit fee of 2 11,000 dollar a year but they stand to make millions for themselves and the city. however they are navigating uncharted water and most trech the us threat out there could be the federal government. pb 75 applicant attended this meeting to learn how to apply for the coveted 4 permit allowing the cult vague of medical marijuana on an industrial scale. it will be
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a blind selection process. >> i think it's going to be fair. there are a number of different criteria that the city council has factored in on this. >>reporter: the 4 pot farm will have to meet labor and employment standard as well as stringent environmental and safety regulations. >> just need to know state law and local law as relate to medical cannabis. >>reporter: but state law is in conflict with federal law. these applicants many of them will to invest between 5 and 8 million dollars want to know if the city of oakland will protect them if the federal drug enforcement agency decides to raid their pot farm. >> we are talking about taking a 1500 square fat warehouse and possibly making it 100,000 square foot warehouse that put the radar out there. are you coming to jail with me? >> i'm out there on the limb with you. i don't know my own liability related to this process. i'm not sure what is going to come of it. >> biggest risk comes the biggest reward but we are
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absolutely aware and big consideration for us. >>reporter: city council member jane bruiner says the council hasn't discussed this yet but she point out the feds kept their hand off when the city legalized marijuana dispensary which sold on a smaller scale. >> if they come and start fighting you because the state cultivation and not i'm not sure that we'll be there fighting that fight for the cultivator so i think item a little bit of a risk. >>reporter: another concern is the election for state attorney general which is still undecided. republican steve cooly said last week that he will prosecute marijuana dispensary even if city allow them which doesn't bode well for industrial marijuana farms. the city says it will award the 4 permit on january 19th. reporting live from city hall in oakland, abc 7 news. >> okay thanks a lot. with the travel can crush starting head of the tsa is worried
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about mainly delay. passenger could create grid lock in the nation airport if they use civil disobedience to stall line at security checkpoint this week. passengers are threatening to boycott full body scans and in favor of pat council even though some say that's as i hope truce i have. tsa chief says the boycott will create delay that will ripple across the country. we spoke with a passenger at sfo today who said his pat down took so long he missed his flight home to memphis. >> guy puts on all the gloves latex gloves changes them a few times et cetera. pats me down. felt i hope appropriately so it was pretty you know pretty discouraging and very disruptive. >>reporter: tsa says enhanced screening began on november 1st 28 million passengers have been screened with just 700 complaint filed. federal attorneys have filed a lawsuit against small south bay company they say discriminated against an army reservist. the department of
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justice is he laboratory in mountain view violated federal law when the own refused to rehire army reservist. he went on military leave last year expecting to have the job back when he returned but lab owner burger told us that survival of the company was at stake and we couldn't let him keep disappearing. lab makes cleaning solvent under the law companies are required to reinstate serve members who take time away to serve in the military. >> 9-year-old murder mystery he saided today with a guilty verdict in washington, d.c. twain-year-old about inning mary illegal immigrant from el salvador found guilty of first degree murder for the death of shondra and faces a sentence of 30 year to life without parole. she was interning when she disappeared and her body found in a washington park. mother said today there is no closure. >> the result of the verdict about may be guilty but i have
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a life time sentence of a lost limb missing from our family tree. >> her murder ended the the career of modest to congressman gary with whom she was romantically linked. at one point he was a person of interest in her murder. >> man strandeded on an island in the delta for 5 days is safe tonight after being recued by the coast guard which provided us with these pictures late today. he was on this unplateable raft in sacramento river when it began to sink. the man was in touch with his family but neither he nor they knew which island he was on until the coast guard pinpointed the cell phone suggest national. >> i don't know if you saw it but oprah wowed the audience again today with part 2 of her faith things show. >> this washington pretty incredible. big prize a new vw beetle. car for every person in the audience. oprah also passed out pastry made by a bay area company. >> as lee report, that bakery
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is now gearing up for the oprah effect for the secondçó time. picot some say crescent. >>reporter: 8 years ago this golden flakey mini crescent was one of her favorite thing. it seems it still is. for second time the pastry chef at richmond galaxy dessert baked up a withiner. >> i i never had a credit september tasted bet other than paris itself. >>reporter: the staff i gearing up for flood of orders and brought in a third shift something they should have done the first time they were on the show. >> fir year we thought we would do an extra 1,000 we did 15,000. and did than the have enough airplane for u p s to ship our product and had to lapped at moffitt air base. >>reporter: they says this i one of the favorite because it's so rich with butter. the company says they go through
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60,000 pounds of it a month. >> favorite things. >>reporter: today washington oprah last favorite thing show. those in the audience were chosen because of their work with charities in communities. founders of bay area animal adepositing agency were also in the audience and came home with a lot of prizes >> the i pad pretty cool. that come in very handy because at adoption event we show a pwipder of dog. >>reporter: auction off some of the rest to raise money for the adoption agency. community involvement is also important to the owner of galaxy dessert. some of what they make goes to local food banks. >> we give to food bank professionally contra costa county and alameda food bank and food america that distribute a lot of our food products to the food bank and local community. >>reporter: good deed even when they are not in the national lime light. in richmond, abc 7 news. >> wonderful. still ahead tonight. wrinkle smoothing plumper that proms to make your skin look years younger.
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>> and the legal tie that youngest people learning to use on line. coming then on "nightline". >> coming up next on "nightline". capri anderson the porn actress with charlie sheen on the night of the plaza melt down tells the inside story of what she says happened that night. >> plus fresh off world tour and directing debut. beyonce
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> in medical news a cosmetic filler is proms to plump the increases on the face but doctor say the results of this could last for years. from her side of the mirror art dealer jan sees from you straighting signs of aging. >> lines around in here are more indented. i would like that to look agent softer. >>reporter: she's about to try a procedure that promises to plump and smooth her skin slowly. >> graduate improvement so people don't say oh, she just had a facelift. >> here it is really amazing that you are replaying vom
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yuma can do u-at the clinic here the doctor is preparing to fill the lines in her fay with collagen. not bovine from an animal source about collagen that her boyd produces itself from injection. >> think of the concept of sculpture. >> reporter: see the area she is concerned with the doctor inject small amount into the fold around the nose and mouth. liquid continues synthetic grand you'll used for decade in dissolvable future. when injected in skin tissue it die solves and create collagen in their plates in this information providedrby the produ it gained fda atravel for general cosmetic use. >> okay. one side. >> reporter: typically take several month before patients like jan see result like these captured in patient before and after pictures. many people need 2 to 3 cycle of injection
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to produce enough facial fat to fill in the lines. but the doctor points out the ultimate result typically last much longer than alternative such as traditional collagen filler. >> builds up over week and month and then it last for one or two years at least. >>reporter: hopefully giving her the sulingt improvement she's looking for. >> that it last as long time is very attractive. >>reporter: side effect can include rednesses and swelling. the cost runs between 750 dollar to several thousand depending on how many sessions are needed. >> well there is a new and legal way teenagers get high and most parents have not heard about it. it is available in california and 36 other state that you should know i called synthetic marijuana also known as k 2 or spichlts it is labeled unfit for human con summing. you tube video of teen smoking it turned inñi an internet sensation. but more than 500 people have been.oned in the last year. dea believes it is more potent than pot and currently considering a ban on
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the sale. all right let's go back and go to where we were at the top of the newscast. we are talking about weather and cold weather coming into the bay area we have the forecast. >> absolutely dan. coldest air of the season is going to follow won the front comes through this next system here.i'll show you live doppler 7 hd. rainfall has picking up in terms of how wide spread it is. look in closer here. north bay satisfying some rainfall right now. most light but some moderate pockets around third avenue wooden valley road down to street level radar where you see the moderate to heavy rain is falling and around the east bay we see reports of shower around oakland, hayward oakland, hayward, benecia, san ramone and down towards the half moon bay area as well. in the sierra nevada the snow is picking up in intensity look at this. blue canyon across 80 and across 50, tahoe reporting light snow right now and so is truckee. here are some storm total. mammoth
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close to seven feet of fresh powder over the weekend. alpine meadow 77 inches. boreal 72. squaw valley just below that. tahoe city 3 feet of new show and south lake 3 feet of new snow and counting even more in feet. numbers in the 50's xen los gatos at 44 degrees. rape for the morning commute. freeze watch into effect late tustins until wednesday morning with record low possible. so take a look at how cold it is going to get. wednesday morning santa rose dropping did you know to 26 degrees. thursday morning even colder down to 25 and by friday morning temperatures start to moderate a bit. you see napa here from 25 to 24 to 27. even places like sap jose will go from 36 degrees wednesday morning down to just above freezing at 34 degrees and then the temperature comes back up friday morning. this i all going to follow won the front goes through. we are getting another fresh outbreak
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of cold canadian area following the cold front what we see with the timing of this system is we are already seeing the rainfall in the bay area at 11:00 o'clock at night. of course the rain will come in and become a little more wide spread for the morning commute as the cold front approach. and then once the front gets a little bit closer down towards the east bay some moderate to heavy rain possible between concord and livermore down towards the south bay. colder air filter in behind the front and as it celts in tomorrow afternoon you notice the temperatures actually dropping in the afternoon hours. something you usually don't see won the sun breaks out but we see the chill in the bay area. as far as the rainfall total mow areas about tenth to half inch through tuesday afternoon. sierra nevada still under winter storm warning nm until 6:00 p.m. tu. another 1 to 3 feet of new snow expected above 4000, 6 inches possible to 2500 and gust at 50 miles an hour check the road conditions before you head out the door if doing
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some early holiday traveling. overnight tonight numbers range from the low to the upper 40's and tomorrow afternoon you are looking at a cool afternoon low 40's around clear lake to the mid 50's around san jose. breezy at time around the monterey bay. temperatures in the low to mid 50's and also a breezy afternoon. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast morning rain and then get ready for the chill. blast of basically cold air here settling in. mid 20's in the coldest location wednesday morning. thursday morning mid 20's as well but you notice thursday is dry. temperatures coming up into the mid 50's range for thanks giving. after that our next chance of rain doesn't come in until saturday. fabulous weather ahead. >> thanks. >> they need your help this week. >> they sure do. how you can make someone else app holiday
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make someone else app holiday you can see
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>> thousands of turkey handed out this week to those in knee. lines in san jose here will last for 3 takes. they say the economic downturn has hit families and seniors especially hard. ñr second harvests food bank is he they have raised justin percent of the holiday fundraising goal that they set so the need is still great. if you want to help the local food bank go to our web site and be part of the end hunger now campaign. there's a link under see it on tv that shows what i needed most. >> downtown san jose is frozen over tonight. at least the section between market and san fernando street. hawaiian airline downtown ice rink celebrated grand opening this evening. risk is located in the circle of palm between the fare mountain hotel and san jose museum of art and will stay open through january 17th. and who knows if they spawn a future skating with the stars champion. >> approximately you could show them something. >> that's right is that been awhile. >> mike up next.
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>> warriors going back-to-back and hammered by the lakers last night in la. hopefully a change of scenery makes a
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>> forty-niner head coach has had success as a player, motor vegas speaker an apparent. he hasn't dealt with a lot of failure until now. niners ran for only 71 yards yesterday against tampa bay. 31 fir run defense in the league. also gave up 6 sacramento team that only had 8 coming in. smith threw for 148 yards and
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crabtree an davis had one catch each. didn't reach the red zone all day. today the coach gave a concession speech. >> did i prepare? did we prepare our players? about obviously not. as well as we should have because they didn't execute as well as they could have and that's on us. that's on me. >> richard was the only raider to make his pressen felt yesterday he decked a trash talking ben right there in the second quarter. was ejected from the game. today he was fined 25 grand and he apologized to his team. >> i think richard is the first to tell you probably made a bad decision but i think as you have become a tougher mentality and you become a team trying to, you k know, en for your will on each
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other which is what the 2 teams did yesterday and obviously they got the better of it, some of that comes with that mentality. >> all right. afc wednesday mopped night class against the broncos and charger. san diego down but not for long. rivers buys time. gets open and game tied at 7 just like that. chargers will take off from there. in the third rivers hits the the guy. sprol over the milt and watch him go. he threw for 4 touch down and even with the are raiders secretary place in the west to 35-14 victory. warriors got spanked in la by the makers. looking to go 6 and 1 at home first quarter. up 1 don't give up the baseline. wright ridiculousing the rim. gold than state up 3 after wuchbility end of the half warriors down 1. ellis drain it at the buzzer. 52-52 at the break. the bird man tied
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up with curry and fouled and shot goes n.neglect get all there. he had 39 denver win 10689 without is is david lee the coordinator takes over for the rest of the season. nfl noot not for long when you see what happens with the 49 ers. >> he'll make it through the season but we'll be alaska for mikekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke
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